Friday, July 11, 2014

World Cup - GER vs BRA

Going into this game, based on what had been going on during the rest of the tournament, this looked to be good game, even without  Neymar and Silva.  It wasn't.  Really, not even for the first 11 minutes.  It seemed like the perfect start for Germany after that first goal.  The second one looked like a back breaker.  You never want to say that a World Cup level team "gave up," but that was the look that Brazil had at only the 23rd minute. 
Six minutes later and a world class drubbing was complete.  I've never watched a World Cup game where a team looked so completely overmatched.  Their spacing was horrible, defenders didn't close on the ball, and their general effort was poor.  Things improved slightly after the half-time break, but even that effort was short lived.
Maybe Dr. Evil says it best...

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