Monday, March 8, 2021

Top 5 Moments - Jordan Farr

By my count there have been 140 players signed by Indy Eleven. Becoming a fan favorite out of those 140 players is no easy task and is something that just a few players can claim to be. Brad Ring, Dylan Mares, Don Smart, and Matt Watson are just a few of them and what made each one a fan favorite was different. 

Jordan Farr has definitely put himself in that discussion. Jordan is the kind of player that fans love to support. Sure he has talent. Something that Eleven fans have been able to see in games just 15 times since his arrival in 2018. Yet, talent doesn't always translate into being a fan favorite. Beyond his talent, what makes it so easy to like and support Jordan is his unbridled enthusiasm for the game and others. Jordan may not have played in that many games, but I guarantee that you have seen him enjoy the results of the team's successes. Jordan may be warming up on the sideline/endline, but he is often the first player to embrace his teammates after a goal (often without wearing his bench penny). That kind of enthusiasm for his teammates and for the fans doesn't go unnoticed. 

Jordan routinely trains with former Indy Eleven goalkeeper Jon Busch and when I asked Jon about his thoughts on Jordan, this is what he had to say:

"Jordan is a quality young goalkeeper with power, quickness, and clean handling. This season is a great opportunity for him to prove his worth as a No. 1 in the USL. He has shown his potential in smaller doses the last few years, but I am excited to see what he can do with a longer run of games. It will be a learning process for him both on and off the field but the potential is definitely there."

I was fortunate enough to see Jordan get his professional debut in 2019 in a U.S. Open Cup game against Lansing United at Butler University in a 1-0 win after Evan Newton received a red card for a challenge on one of the Lansing players (this game was one of Jordan's Top 5 Moments). As I stated back then, "he honestly wasn't sure what to do with himself during the press conference" and it was a bit refreshing to watch. He was learning to be a professional and a press conference was new to him. However, his enthusiasm for the game and what had happened was enjoyable to watch. His simultaneous love for the Brickyard Battalion was unprompted and heartfelt, which is something that you get and feel when you're around him. Jordan has never been shy about interacting with the Indy Eleven fans and that is something that goes a long way towards being a fan favorite.

Like Busch, I'm excited to see Farr prove he's Indy's next No. 1 goalkeeper this season. Without further ado, here is Jordan Farr's Top 5 Moments:

  1. The moment I first played goalkeeper. I was 14 at regionals in California. It was a tough year of playing soccer, as my body had not fully developed yet and I was lacking speed and physicality that my teammates were getting to experience in full. It was our second game of the tournament and our current goalkeeper gave up a PK and ended up pushing the referee (classic crazy GK thing to do). He received a red card, (bare in mind we didn’t bring a second GK to the tournament) and my coach turned to the bench, the bench I had been far too accustomed to that year, and asked “who’s going to play Goalkeeper?”. I stepped up, really enjoyed the position, and became a goalkeeper for my club team ever since!
  2. I played GK for my club and box-to-box midfielder for my high school team from freshman year until my senior year in HS. Then in college, I was signed to either be a GK or a number 8 for a mid-table NAIA team in OR (Corban U). So I trained for both that preseason. When the first game of the regular season came around I was chosen to start over the junior GK that had been there. The coach and the players instilled a confidence in me and gave me room to be who I was. We ended up winning the regular season and CCC tournament, and got to go to nationals for the first time in forever. We also ended up setting records for goals against averages for the school. [This was] the year I truly became a GK.  
    Editor's note: Looks like Jordan was quite the athlete in high school as he "Played soccer (4 years), tennis (4 years), football (2 years), and basketball (1 year)" and made his mark at Cascade High School "as the school's all-time leading goal scorer with 40 career goals" and was "Named 4A goalkeeper of the year, as well as earning 1st team all-league honors both as a goalkeeper after registering 83 saves and a field player thanks to nine goals and eight assists." 
  3. Playing PDL for Charlotte Eagles (in between sophomore year and junior year of college, first summer of consistent GK training) and Portland Timber’s U23s. With the Eagles, learning truly how to leverage soccer to influence the younger generation to follow their dreams and be people of integrity/character. Plus, getting to train and play at a very high level. This is where I met Dave Dixon and he was a vital piece with being able to come to Indy 11.
  4. My first start with Indy after Evan Newton knocked a dude out in the US Open! In the first 20 minutes of the game, I got to come in and we went a man down (as a result of Newton's red card). We defended extremely well and got a goal to win 1-0, moving on to the next round. My wife and I were so overjoyed and excited that we were unable to sleep that night. 
  5. Playing in the playoffs and getting to the USL Championship Eastern Conference Finals! Every game that year was a blessing to be apart of and grew me exponentially. Shutting out Nashville in Nashville their last game being a USL Club will be something I remember the rest of my life.
Honorable Mention Moment
A guy in the BYB telling me I get to eat at Union Jacks for free, when we won (and shut out) our first round playoff game at IUPUI against Red Bull’s. He has yet to follow through... but it doesn’t stop me from absolutely crushing pints and fish n chips anytime I’m there.

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