The Soccer Life Questionnaire

This is a summary page of a series on this site where I ask standard questions to my fellow soccer players and fans about the game that we have either grown up with or grown to love. While the questions were originally intended to be towards players, I think others can modify the questions to fit their own specific role in the game. Whether that is as a player, coach, referee, parent, or just fan, I hope to be to continue to receive input from all kinds of fans of the beautiful game.  


- Andrew Thompson (Me) 

Non Indy

- Gwendolyn Oxenham, author of "Finding the Game" and companion film "Pelada"

Indy Eleven Front Office

- Brad Hauter, Coach of DePauw University men's soccer team and Indy Eleven color commentary

- John Koluder, former (and then current again) PR Directors for Indy Eleven

Josh Mason, former President of the BYB and former VP of Sales and Marketing at Indy Eleven

Andy Piggush, Senior Director of Operations for Indy Eleven

- Scott Stewart, former PR Directors for Indy Eleven

Indy Eleven Players

- Jon Busch

Jon Dawson

Chris Estridge

Robyn McCarthy

- Brad Ring

- Owain Fon Williams

Indy Eleven Fans

Michael Carney

- Nipun Chopra

Brandon Cockrum

James Cormack

Peter Evans

- Aaron Gunyon

- Kevin Johnston

- Katherine Reed

Family and Friends

- Kevin

- Rickelman

- David Eaton

- Tammy Haley