Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Soccer Life - Nipun Chopra

This edition of The Soccer Life is from someone who came onto my radar (and many of yours maybe) with the well written post "In support of the proposed Indy Eleven stadium" in late January in response to the Ericka Smith opinion piece in the Indy Star.  I've since found out that in addition to being a fellow Indy Eleven season ticket holder (guessing by the photo in the post that he was in the East End stands), he's one of my fellow DePauw University grads, and a Manchester United fan who does a regular podcast.  Oh, and when he's not fully engrossed into soccer, he is also working on his PhD in neuroscience.  What are you doing with your time?  So with that introduction, here's Nipun telling you about his Soccer Life.

1. Name:
Nipun Chopra

2. Role (Player, Parent, Coach, Referee, General Spectator, All of the Above, None of the Above, Other):
- Player, coach, general spectator, other (podcaster, blogger, writer)

3. Soccer-specific Nickname (and any story behind it):
- None
Editor's note: I'm thinking that Doctor might be a good one at some point...

4. Age started playing:
- 5

5. First recollection of the game:
- I was playing with my older brother and his friends; and found myself playing in goal. I wasn't very good.

6. Highest level of play achieved:
- JV in college (DePauw University)

7. Last competitive match – Date (if known) & Level of Play
- March 5th, 2015 – indoor recreation league at Sportszone
Editor's note: I believe this date has changed to be more recent and shows how long it can take me to get things posted...

8. Position:
- Midfielder (These days, I play defense b/c I’m old)

9. Jersey number:
- 7

10. Most memorable moment(s):
- Playing – Scoring a hat trick in high school
- Podcasting – Interview Phil Schoen

11. Least memorable moment(s):
- Getting sent off for punching the referee (Yeah, I’m that guy).
Editor's note: I tried to get more information on that incident, but Nipun would only divulge "He and I had a history of not getting along..."

12. Favorite team:
- Manchester United

13. Favorite player:
- Historical: Socrates

- Current: Darren Fletcher

14. Indoor vs Outdoor:
- Depends on the weather!

15. Grass vs Turf:
- Grass

16. Coaching experience:
- High school soccer, college track and field.

17. Refereeing experience:
- None

18. Favorite World Cup moment(s):
- Diego Forlan’s redemption by winning the golden ball, Zidane’s head butt.

19. Honors/Awards:
- I don’t deserve any

20. Other sports played (and to what level):
- Track and Field (college)
Editor's note: 4-year letter winner and Top 10 School Times for 100m, 200m, and 4x100m Relay (Outdoor) and Top 10 School Times for 200m and 4x200m Relay (Indoor)

21. Other Comments:
- You can follow me on twitter at @NipunChopra7 and find my podcast at @ULFPpodcast. Thanks, Drew!

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