Friday, July 11, 2014

Holiday Olimpico

This is Lauren Holiday taking a corner kick for FC Kansas City this past weekend:

That was Lauren Holiday putting a corner kick directly into the side netting.

For those that don't know (and I can honestly say that I didn't know that an actual name was given to a kick that went in directly from a corner kick), is called an Olimpico.
It is possible to score direct from a corner kick (as a corner kick is a direct free kick) if sufficient swerve is given to the kick, and/or there is a strong enough wind blowing in the goalward direction. However, it was illegal until the International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting of 15 June 1924 authorised it for the following season. This type of goal is called an Olympic goal or Olympic kick, or olimpico in Latin America. The name dates from 2 October 1924, when Argentina's Cesáreo Onzari scored against Uruguay, who had just won the 1924 Olympic title. (The first such goal was thought to have been scored by Billy Alston in Scotland on 21 August 1924, but further research showed that match had been played on 23 August 1923, and the goal was actually a header.) The first in England was by Huddersfield Town's Billy Smith on 11 October 1924. The world record holder is Massimo Palanca with 13 goals. It remains a rare occurrence, often accomplished by fluke rather than intent, and with the goalkeeper usually blamed for an error.
Megan Rapinoe of the United States women's national soccer team scored an Olympic goal direct from a corner kick in the semifinal match between the United States and Canada in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London becoming the first player ever to score an "Olympic Goal" during an Olympic match. The only Olympic goal in the World Cup was scored for Colombia by Marcos Coll, beating goalkeeper Lev Yashin in a 4–4 draw with the Soviet Union in 1962.
I'm not sure if Lauren was aiming for the goal, but given that she is normally pretty good with her placement on corner kicks, I think she was at least giving it a try.  Regardless, it placed her at #3 for ESPN's Plays of the Day.

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