Sunday, July 11, 2021

Indy Eleven vs OKC Energy FC - 08.13 (Part 1)


- Opponent: OKC Energy FC
- Location: Taft Stadium
- Attendance: -
- Final Score: POSTPONED

- Starting XI: Edwards, Buckmaster, Timmer, Cochran, Seagrist, Smith, Gutjahr, Ayoze (C), Law, Moon, Hamilton
- Substitutions: Moon 
- Unused: Dick, Malic, Ouimette, Koffie, Sissoko, Vassell, Arteaga

- Scoring Summary:
IND - Smith 15' (assist Hamilton) - Until it didn't...
OKC - Lopez 20' (assist Ellis-Hayden) - Until it didn't...

- Bookings:

- Referee: Brandon Stevis
- Adage goals: One - Until it didn't...

Thoughts and Opinions

This game started much differently than the last game. Indy's decision to press was in more display and they looked like a team that wanted to play. What wasn't different was Moon's effort and the team rode his effort up the right side of the field for a good portion of the half. While OKC worked their way into the game in the 2nd third of the first half, the overall first half heat map shows that the game was tilted towards the OKC goal. 

Indy's hustle in the first third of the first half lead to a goal in the 15th minute as Law intercepted near the OKC box, that he passed to Hamilton. Hamilton then pushed the ball to the left to Cammie Smith who was making a run up the field, took a couple of touches, and then fired a rocket past C.J. Cochran, who the commentators pointed out a few times isn't related to A.J. Cochran.

Indy's propensity to give up early goals didn't happen in this game, but it seems it translates to their ability to not stay focused after scoring as well. While Indy dominated the field position game, the halftime whistle found them nearly equal in possession, shots, shots on target, and passing accuracy However, Indy held a 7 to 0 advantage in corner kicks and a 14 to 3 advantage in crosses. It definitely feels like the team is missing something on the corner kicks without Hackshaw and Ouimette's presence.

With all the similarities, it was probably fitting that they went into the locker room tied at one apiece. Then they came out and started the second half. 

Then there was a weather delay in the 48th minute...and so we waited.







Until just before midnight EST, when my screen went from Delayed to Postponed. Meaning everything that took place in the first 45 minutes will be as if it didn't happen. So Cammy Smith's goal and Hamilton's assist do not count. Moon's and Law's efforts do not but take more off of their legs for future games. Luckily, the team has a week to deal with a long night of sitting in (a dark?) locker room waiting for the weather to clear and the lights for the stadium to start working again, which they didn't and is what was the ultimate decision maker to postpone the game.

So here I sit just after midnight writing a recap of a game that didn't officially happen.

Onto the next one, that will hopefully count.

The Game Beckons Game Ball

From the first half of action, I would have given the GBGB to Moon. His continued energy and crosses were causing the OKC defensive problems the entire time. In 45 minutes, Moon had 1 chance created, 1 shot on goal, and 2 crosses.

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