Thursday, August 15, 2019

Eleven Park Locations

As a response to a link to a photo that I placed on Reddit about the possibility of Eleven Park fitting within the confines of the White River State Park near Victory Field, I was asked about doing the same thing for the other rumored locations. This is a summary of my efforts to show the stadium in those locations. Additional discussions about my thoughts on most of the locations are scattered throughout my site.

Please keep in mind, these are rough approximations at the locations based on a screen capture of the aerial from the Eleven Park video, which was then scaled within Google Earth so that the field is roughly 120 yards by 80 yards. A smaller field could translate to a smaller stadium, but that was my basis for placing them within Google Earth.

White River State Park

This is the location that started this post, but it's not one that I ever really considered. I don't think there is enough space for a stadium and, as I mentioned in the Reddit post, there is also an issue in that the Pumphouse is located on the site, which was accepted for inclusion in the National Register for Historic Places in the 1980s. This would further reduce the availability of the land.

Broad Ripple

The location of Broad Ripple HS has been discussed, but it would require a number of homes along Haverford Avenue to be demolished to be able to squeeze the stadium (as rendered) into the site. Not to mention the parking and neighborhood disruption.

GM Stamping Plant

So much land... I placed the rendering in with the apartments and office buildings because this site is big enough for all of it to be included. I also placed the image roughly where it would connect to existing streets, but it obviously wouldn't have to be in that spot. So much land...

Lafayette Square

See all of my comments about the GM Stamping Plant.

Twin Aire

This is a drive-in movie theater on the east side of Indy and was mentioned in one of the IBJ articles. It is close to fitting on the site, but I have a feeling it is farther outside downtown than Ersal (and owners) would prefer to be located.

16th Street

This site has come up a few times in my discussions over the years about the stadium. I really have no basis for it other than it did seem to line up with the Stadium for Indiana rendering with the skyline that was shown in it. So I have, once again, evaluated it with the new Eleven Park rendering. Still seems like it might work.

Sand Street

This is the old Valspar lot and is believed to be the most favored location. Might be a couple buildings that don't survive, but I think there is a reason why it has continued to be one of the most talked about locations.

UPDATE - 02/04/2020

Diamond Chain

The Indianapolis Business Journal announced today that the Diamond Chain plant on Kentucky Avenue would be shuttering and relocated to the State of Illinois. I was asked to evaluate this site. In the image, you can see a yellow polygon underneath the Eleven Park stadium rendering. This appears to be the extent of the property owned by Diamond Chain. If so, it would require some adjustments to the stadium layout, but is a close fit. The Indiana Power & Light substation just to the northwest of the site is a significant obstacle to overcome.

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