Friday, September 7, 2018

Indy Eleven vs New York Red Bulls II - 05.28

- Opponent: New York Red Bulls II
- Location: Indianapolis
- Attendance: 8,703
- Final Score: 3-0 W
- Starting XI: Fon Williams, Ouimette, Mitchell, Ferreira, Rusin, Matern, Watson, Mares, Moses, Starikov, Collier
- Substitutions:  Matern 65' (Ring); McInerney 75' (Starikov); Saad 85' (Collier)
- Unused: Lundgaard, Rusin, Matern, Starikov
- Goals: Starikov 2' (assist Mares); Starikov 21' (assist Watson); Ferreira 43' (assist Moses)
- Bookings: Matern 5' (Yellow); Mitchell 39' (Yellow); Watson 62' (Yellow)
- Adage goals: None

Every so often, I do a bullet point recap of the game. This needs to be one of those times, in chronological order.

  • Another early goal for the team, this time by Starikov in the 2nd minute (assist Mares, but of course). Let's see if they can hold onto it.
  • Yellow by Matern shortly the goal after for not listening to the ref while setting up the wall for a 22-yard free kick for NYRBII. Seems like an unnecessary card this early in the game. Hope it doesn't come back to hurt the team. May see him subbed out at some point in the second half if the game gets physical.
  • CB pairing of Rusin and Mitchell showing some lack of cohesiveness early, particularly with Ferreira on the left. Ayoze's calming influence missed early.
  • Moses' motor running high today. Back and forth across the field. In 16th minute, chased down the ball that was going from left to right and helped prevent counterattack by knocking it out of bounds.
  • NYRBII - Attack! I can see why they lead the league in goals. 
  • NYRBII transition defense getting back into position much faster than Indy offense is going forward. Not giving Indy many chances in the run of play. Working for counters.
  • Goal Indy 21st minute by Starikov. 
  • 27th minute - Indy free kick from just outside the 18. Noticeably missing Ayoze, McInerney, and Saad for the kick. Ferreira took the wall.
  • 1st Half Heat Map - Indy sitting back
  • 60/40 possession in favor of NYRBII for the first half, but Indy finding good moments to counter. Bulk of NYRBII shots coming from outside the box and only one on frame.
  • NYRBII team speed is faster than Indy.
  • Goals coming from everywhere now. Ferreira getting on the board in the 43th minute on a break by Matern that was initially handled by NYRBII defense. They fell asleep on all of the trailing Indy runners, Mares, Moses, and Ferreira.
  • Team defense has been really good, particularly since 2nd half played entirely in Indy defensive half. Possession increased to 66/33 for game, which means 2nd half was probably 70/30 in favor of NYRBII.
  • 34.5% of Indy's passes were considered "long." Definitely felt that way. NYRBII held a 26 to 10 shots on goal advantage and a 33 to 9 advantage on crosses. This resulted in 41 clearances for Indy to 16 for NYRBII. 
  • Offense vs Defense. NYRBII hadn't been held scoreless since June so this further emphasizes how well the team played defense as a group.

A very effective use of the bunker and counter tactics employed by the team for this game. Stats sway heavily to NYRBII, except for the one that really matters. While the goals were great, the team defense is what won this game for the Eleven.

Team needed this win. Likely needed the win as much as they need the 7-day break before the next game.

The Game Beckons Game Ball

Starikov gets the Game Beckons Game Ball, but Moses gets a runner-up. Both very active tonight when the team tried to go forward.



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