Thursday, October 15, 2015

Indy Eleven vs United - 02.28 Preview

I don't normally do previews, but I wanted to point out something with the upcoming game against the Minnesota United.  This week's Monday Musings by the team included a road map for the Eleven to have a chance to make the Playoffs. There's a lot that needs to happen. I'm not optimistic. Contingent on all of that is that the Eleven win out.

1 yr and 6 days separates Minnesota United's Fall Season trips to Indianapolis. Last year resulted in a rushing of the fields by the Eleven fans as the team picked up their first home game. While the Eleven have a few more home wins this year, they are currently on a 5 game winless streak (LLDDL). Minnesota, however, is on an 11 game undefeated streak (DWWWDWWDWWW), with two players on the current Team of the Week, including the reigning Player of the Week.

Minnesota has scored 35 goals this season in 17 games (2.06 goal/gm avg with +60% of those on the road), while Indy has 17 goals in 17 games (10 goals at home).

Minnesota currently sits 2nd in both the Fall and Combined tables. Indy is 11th and 10th, respectively.

Minnesota has beaten the Eleven twice this year already, by a combined 4-1 score.

To say the Eleven have a hard climb ahead of them on Saturday is an understatement. I might argue that a win this year by the Eleven might feel just as improbable and just as deserving of an on-field gathering of the fans (though I'm not suggesting it).

So I wanted to remind myself of the 2014 Standings:

Minnesota finished the 2014 Fall Season with 30+ goals, the Eleven with just over 20. Minnesota was near the top of the table, Indy in the middle/bottom. Similar situations. So a win on Saturday isn't unprecedented.

I also just wanted to post this again:

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Don said...

They did it last year, let's hope for another win this year.