Monday, August 10, 2015

Indy Eleven vs Fury - 02.17

- Opponent: Ottawa Fury
- Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
- Attendance: 9,866
- Final Score: 4-1 L
- Starting XI: Nicht, Franco, Norales, Janicki, Hyland, Keller, Stojkov, Pineda, Caballos, Brown, Richards
- Substitutions: Lacroix 57' (Pineda), Wojcik 63' (Brown), Steinberger 73' (Stojkov)
- Unused: Cardona, Smart, Miller, Rugg
- Goals: Lacroix 60' (unassisted)
- Bookings: Brown 22' (Yellow), Ceballos 73' (Yellow),
- Adage goals: Two - 62nd, 64th minute

Three games in 8 days and three losses by a combined 7 - 1 score. To say this was a rough week for the Eleven and their fans is an understatement. New players, odd tactical lineup decisions (at least from the fan's perspective), an absolutely anemic offense, and some bad defensive lapses. Lacroix's individual moment of offensive brilliance in the 60th minute with a goal just 3 minutes after entering the game to get the Eleven within range only to watch the Fury lead go back up to 2 just two minutes later and then put the game out of reach two minutes after that was the final straw in a week that may have put the playoffs out of reach, no matter how optimistic we all want to feign.

The Eleven are clearly the most downward trending team at the moment, with a week and a half before the next game to either figure out what is going wrong or a week and a half to fall further down the table. I've tried to stay optimistic about the team because I think there is talent and depth, but I tend to be pessimistic by nature and that pessimism is beginning to surface with this team. While I appreciate the fight and the accountability that the team is showing lately, as a season ticket holder and having written about the team from the inaugural match, to date I've seen 21 league home games (missed one game last season) and have only experienced 4 home wins.

That's enough to make less hardy fans rethink their allegiance. Luckily for the Eleven, there is a very large and vocal group of supporters who look to be hanging around to support this team for as long as it takes for the results to align with the winning expectations. Maybe Kristian will be correct and that happens this year:
I want to hope he's right, but the results from this past week don't install a lot of confidence. I guess we'll see next Wednesday when we all reconvene at The Mike as the Eleven take on Tampa Bay, a team who has also had difficulty scoring in the Fall Season and have only scored a single goal away from Al Lang Stadium.



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Don said...

I never played, but I don't understand how on any pro level, players are allowed as many wide open looks at the goal. It's as if the defense doesn't even see them coming into their space. Is it just me?

I hope they figure it out soon. Attendance seems to be down, for what ever reasons, and continuing to lose as they are won't help. And those opposed to a new soccer stadium will use anything they can as another reason not to build one.