Monday, July 27, 2015

Indy Eleven vs Cosmos - 02.14

- Opponent: New York Cosmos
- Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
- Attendance: 10,206
- Final Score: 1-1
- Starting XI: Nicht, Franco, Janicki, Norales, Hyland, Ring, Stojkov, Pineda, Mares, Brown, Richards
- Substitutions: Smart 72' (Richards), Keller 78' (Ring), Rugg 78' (Stojkov)
- Unused: Cardona, McKinney, Wojcik
- Goals: Mares 45'+ (assist Stojkov)
- Bookings: Stojkov 34' (Yellow), Norales 65' (Red)
- Adage goals: One - 45th minute

Six games in this series between the Eleven and the Cosmos over the last two years and we once again witnessed what has become the standard for them; another draw. In those six games, four of them have finished with the scoreline witnessed on Saturday with 1 - 1.  In fact, only once in this series have the teams been unable to find the net. Though no other meeting between the two teams can claim the title of having the second fastest response in the Eleven history.  When the Eleven gave up yet another in a long string of adage goals in the 46th minute, the Cosmos looked like they would go into the locker room with a 1 - nil lead. Yet, the Eleven found the back of the net themselves just 80 seconds later thanks to a ball over the top by Stojkov that Mares put nicely under Mauer to change the momentum going into halftime.

A second half that saw not only a yellow card, but three red cards, depending on the source. Some sources indicated that the card after the game to the Cosmos' Szetela was a yellow, while others indicated that it was a red card.  However, there wasn't any confusion about the other two red cards as the Cosmos' Guenzatti was given a red card after throwing a soft punch at Norales, who was given a red card for giving a Guenzatti a head butt, after taking offense to Guenzatti's flying elbows. So just as the Eleven had to alter this week's lineup due to Miller's yellow/yellow/red card ejection last week, this coming week's game against Atlanta is going to see yet another central defender combination. Indy Eleven's Team of the Week stable Norales let the emotion of the game get to him and we get to see the rarely (if ever) used combination of Miller and Janicki in the central defense.

The dual red cards provided a final 25 minutes of 10 v 10 and some interesting lineup changes for the Eleven as Coach Regan adjusted to the ejection and his bench options. As the @IndyElevenLive feed pointed out, the backline consisted of Hyland-Franco-Janicki-Smart. Not exactly the backline that we've come to anticipate, but one that did a good job playing out of the normal positions.

Whether it was the temperature or the minutes playing a man down, I once again wish that there was more urgency to the team in the waning minutes of the game. The Eleven seemed content to walk away with the draw and get a point from the Spring Champion. The last time I remember thinking that a good burst of speed and energy would be able to steal a win away from a tie was the Fort Lauderdale game where Lacroix's effort set up the play that resulted in Pineda's brace. I understand the Cosmos' being content with a tie on the road, especially since they already have a place secured in the playoffs, but I would like to have seen the Eleven pick up the pace at a couple moments at the end of the game. As close as the standings are from top to bottom, I have to admit that points are always a positive, but I think there could have been a win available.



Congratulations Mares for being a Play of the Week nominee!

Congratulations Mares for having your goal selected as the Play of the Week!

Congratulations Mares for being selected to the Team of the Week!

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Play of the Week No. 3 is a sweet pass and goal.