Sunday, October 5, 2014

Indy Eleven vs Cosmos - 01.23 - Star Edition

This blog is a labor of love and my desire to write about soccer, typically about the Indy Eleven.  I'm not a writer by education nor profession, but I try to write as well as I can and with as much effort as I'm able to do in my spare time from my normal job and hectic life.  Nor do I get paid to do this in any way, not even with ads on the site.  The extent of my reward is the periodic retweet from Indy Eleven about one of my recaps. The Indy Star, however, is the opposite of all of that.  Well, except maybe the love part.  They are, however, writers and they definitely get paid.  

The Indy Eleven played the New York Cosmos yesterday, albeit in New York, and the Indy Star's Sunday edition went out of their way to let the local fans know *start sarcasm* the intricate details *end sarcasm* of the game on Page 16.

What?  You don't see it?  Here, let me zoom in a bit.

Still having trouble. Let me zoom in even further.

26 words, including the title!  Six of those words are about next week's game against Minnesota.  So take away the title and next week's information, and the Indy Star felt that you could get everything you needed to know about the game against the Cosmos in 15 words, 7 of which were the team names and when the game happened.  You could barely do this in fewer words if you did it using bullet points.

This is a professional team that is drawing capacity crowds and they deserve to be treated as such by their professional local media and not as an afterthought buried in the In Brief section.


Don said...

None of our news outlets are adequately covering the Eleven, not even channel who is one of the sponsors. I have contacted most of the about it with no response.

As to the Star, that is in part why I dropped my subscription a long time ago.

Eleven fans have to use blogs like yours and others for our news and analysis.

Unknown said...

In general, newspapers in this country really lack coverage for soccer. Was there one pixel for Champions League news in my town's paper last week? No, sir. Was there a bunch of speculation about American sports which aren't even in season? Yes.

What are the biggest sporting competitions in the world for the next year? Euro qualifiers? Champions League? Cricket World Cup? You'll maybe get a blip for the CL in the paper.

Don is right. We rely on blogs like yours for this kind of stuff. Though I also think we should demand/expect more from the Star.