Sunday, May 18, 2014

Indy Star's opinion of the Indy Eleven

I'll provide a more thorough recap of the Indy Eleven vs Ottawa Fury game later, but I wanted to touch on something quickly here.  Admittedly, this post was going to be a little different until I did a little research, but I think the point is the same.

While the Indy Eleven continue to sell out each home game, I'm still not sold on the Indy Star's coverage of the team.  Do they cover them?  Yes.  Do I think they are doing a great job of it on a regular basis?  No.  I get that the team hasn't won a game yet and that they are a "minor" league team.  Yet, the extent of their recap of last night's game consisted of one of four articles buried on page 10 of the Sunday edition and it wasn't the largest article on that page.  The Indiana Fever recap (only slightly larger than the Eleven's article) was also on that page, along with the half-page article on the Marion County baseball tournament recap. 

So not the biggest article.  I get it.  I do.  A new team that hasn't worked its way into the win column yet.  Yet, here is what bugs me about their recap today (emphasis mine).

Indy Eleven still searching for first win, fall 4-2 to Ottawa Fury

Winless is a word the Indy Eleven continue to find themselves familiar with.
An Anthony Donatelli shot in the 16th minute put Ottawa up 1-0, but 4 minutes later, Indy answered. Eleven forward Michael Ambersley faked out the defense to sink a penalty kick that tied the score.
The constant possession changes led to defensive breakdowns by the Eleven, but the Fury failed to capitalize. Ottawa’s Oliver Thomal Minatel was set to face off with Indy goalie Kristian Nicht, but as he neared the corner of the box, Indy defender Erick Casildo slide-tackled Minatel to prevent the possibility of a goal. The hard hit earned Casildo a yellow card. Minatel’s open shot went wide.
Indy was able to cut the lead right before the end of the half on a Spencer goalie fakeout to the opposite back post.
It took 18 minutes into the second half for another goal to be scored. Ottawa was able to widen its lead to 4-2 thanks to a well-executed fakeout. Forward Carl Haworth pulled Nicht towards the right side of the box before playing across to an open Minatel.
The Eleven’s next chance to earn the franchise’s first ever win will be Saturday at the San Antonio Scorpions.
For those counting, the full article is 540 words, where the phrase (or a version of it) "faked out" was used three different times. I'm sure that there has to be some other clever turn of phrase that a journalist would know that could be used instead of the same description three times.  Unless of course, the writer knows very little about soccer and was just assigned to the story knowing that it would get buried deep in the paper hidden behind nine other pages full of Pacers and Indy 500 coverage.

Plus, and I haven't gone back to rewatch the game, but I think that Ambersley took the penalty kick, but he was not the one that was fouled to get the PK. So while his shot fooled the goalkeeper, I'm not sure that it really fooled the entire defense.

Defender Erick Casildo... Casildo? I don't remember a player named Casildo on the roster.  The print edition of the article includes a box score right after the article and it states that yellow cards were given to Norales, Spencer, and Ring. No Casildo. That's odd.  To the writers defense, the official roster lists him as Erick Zenon Norales Casildo.  Though I have not seen a single reference to him before as Casildo. Not even his jersey. Erick Norales was given a yellow card.

So the Indy Eleven could get their first win Saturday at the San Antonio Scorpions? That will be hard to do since they will be in New York playing the Cosmos. Their next chance to win the franchise's first HOME league win will be in TWO weeks against the San Antonio Scorpions. Though they could get a home win against the Dayton Dutch Lions as part of the U.S. Open Cup.

I'm not sure how you can get so much wrong in such a short article and say that you write for a major newspaper, but I just write this blog mainly to my family and friends, so what do I know?


Don said...

I find the coverage by all local media to be lacking. While on vacation, the only way to get the score of the matches I missed was to go to the XI page. I couldn't find it anywhere else.

But I guess I am not surprised. That is why I no longer subscribe to the Star and or watch the local stations except for Fox news at 10:00 so I can get the weather for the next day before I go to bed. Otherwise, I wouldn't even watch them.

Drew said...

I wrote the Indy Star and expressed my disappointment in the article, citing all of the examples I listed in this post. I don't really expect to hear back from them, but Julie convinced me that I should tell them how I feel about their coverage.